Since childhood, my brain worked differently when it came to objects and events. When I saw something I didn’t like, it was almost natural for me to create a different version of it. Therefore art education was the best fit for me. The things I saw in an exhibition in Mimar Sinan University struck me deeply and at that moment I knew that I had to study theatre costume and décor. First, I discovered that my favorite material was wood and decided to become a puppeteer. Then, after visiting an instrument manufacturing workshop, I got obsessed with becoming an instrument manufacturer. I was charmed by Classical Kemanche’s tunes and decided specialize on it. It’s true that in order to master artisanship and, of course, manufacturing an instrument, you should be able to bear lots of repetitions. However, art is a process of troubling yourself with something and searching and finding a remedy for your trouble by producing a unique, unrepeatable creation. To remind the adults to keep the children in them alive, my side that rejects to grow up pushed me to create a world of toys with vintage materials. Because, some things deserve a last detailed look before being discarded.